Coaching, Workshops, Brainstorming

(re)Define and communicate

what’s really important.


A personalized approach to guide and help you create effective communications

Strategic coaching

Finding and communicating your sales pitch isn’t always easy. Think C proposes a one-on-one or small group approach with a range of tools and frameworks to help you find the right message and communicate it in an engaging way.

Groups can become a Supermind that enhances decision-making

The power of brainstorming

Brainstorm sessions can be really effective, but their organization is tricky. With an external facilitator,  one will create a safe environment and guide the group to stay focused and ensure a creative flow with the needed exercises.

Mastermind 2.0 NEW since summer 2018

THINK C Collaboration Brunch

Coffee, croissants and 2h session to brainstorm with a group of entrepreneurs to find solutions to your business problems. It’s a combination of a mastermind with the structure and tools of a brainstorm session.


A efficient work process with tools and frameworks to apply easily

A methodology to ensure results

Learn: theory based on research and industry’s best practices

Apply: Tools and process are provided and uses to teach theory instantly

Practice: Improving of own documents within group and individual exercices

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and Think C Collaboration Brunches