Using our expertise to create a presentation and pitch one-stop-shop.

We want to be your long-term partner that helps you convince clients, investors, suppliers, etc. and reach meeting goals.

As presentation specialists with a solid background in marketing consulting and presentation coaching, CVC’s focus is to offer the right services for the best results. Whether it’s about making yourself or your team more efficient and save time preparing for sales meetings or to get a turnkey solution to win over your next investor with a persuasive deck. Thanks to our experience we know what works best.  Moreover clients enjoy the usage of our processes and tools that push our solutions to a whole new level of creating impact.


Why us?

We aren’t just a design or training company… Instead we analyze all client situations to offer the best adapted solution to all presentation needs.

  • Strategic consulting to ensure effective presentation and pitch decks
  • Expertise in different meeting areas: clients, investors, conferences, internal
  • Solution flexibility to adapt to all clients and their budgets
  • Trainings and coaching that are results and impact oriented
  • Tools and processes used to ensure efficient turnaround

Interested to hear more about presentation best practices?

CVC gives conference talks, during which we explain on a high-level the best practices of the CVC Approach. Current trainings focus on the whole development process, effective design and storytelling approach. The new start-up program talks about designing an effective pitch. So whether you are organizing a private client workshop or yearly company meeting; or you are setting-up a start-up conference. Effective presentation development is a topic that is really important and a lot of people relate with, but know very few about.

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CVC ‘s mission is to help clients maximize meeting success and save time, money while doing so:

  • Development should become easier and clearer by offering tools and processes that will significantly reduce preparation time
  • Results should reflect storytelling elements and effective design to connect with the audience and reach meeting objectives successfully

Transforming current behaviour and attitudes by communicating a clear and easy presentation development process using tools and process. Presentations made easy, a strategy with success for the long-term.

CVC wants to help clients get the expertise and strategy, without overcomplicating things. CVC uses straightforward processes, tools and best practices to ensure future meeting success, but also to make people feel confident they can do so themselves in the long-term.