It’s much more than a goodlooking design

Our presentation specialists optimize your presentation by adapting the foundation, structure, design and copywriting of your presentation.

Flexible design services

A sales presentation, training & conference material, corporate presentation, pitch deck?

We help you refine an existing presentation or build one from scratch, all totally adapted to your situation and needs.


Our methodology

A mix of industy’s best practices to ensure amazing results and our own methodology for effective development.

Effective structure and storyline, adapted to situation. Ensuring audience understanding from A to Z.

Newest techniques of engagement that set you apart and maximize audience attention.

Page design based on industry’s best practices that pushed content to a whole new level of visualization.

The perfect balance of text and visuals on a page, strengthened with presentation copywriting.

Powerful before and after examples

Show the strength of how CVC rethinks the real message of a page
and creates a design perfectly adapted to it.

How the magic will happen

  • Scoping meeting

    In this first meeting we'll define the project scope and CVC will offer the best solution adapted to your needs. Knowing your project context and the amount of work already done will help us estimate the amount of work.

  • Structure

    Once a contract accepted, we'll work together to analyze your situation in depth and define the needed structure and storyline. CVC has developed the right tools to make this process effective and ensure the best of industry's standards.

  • Page designing

    The strong presentation structure will be pushed to a next level once CVC's team starts transforming key messages into visual art. We don't do pretty pages, but persuasive pages where copywriting and content are leveraged to maximize audience understanding.

  • Review and fine tune

    We want to ensure that results don't meet but exceed expectations. We find the review process very important and fine-tuning allows us to make every visuals and text exactly what you need

Template design

Before thinking design, maybe the problems lay within your presentation template. Looking for a way to improve ? CVC offers template creation or rework with a nice professional design based on your branding AND a functional programming that helps your team save time.